Have a Truly Awesome First Date

There’s a really old question that has plagued all human beings at some point in a dating career. “What does it take to really, truly impress someone?” The standard dinner and a movie date really doesn’t impress anyone. Paying a lot of money for a little bit of food is just, well, somewhat lacking. And who wants to go see a bad movie?

A good plan is to really try and figure out what your date would like to do on a night or afternoon out. Always listen to the clues someone is putting forth. A date who mentions he/she is terrified of getting sunburn or being bit by a snake is not going to be too impressed or enthused about rock climbing in the desert. Maybe the date really likes sportive things. If so, active dates would be far more beneficial and appealing.

The advice here is to be the MacGyver of the dating world and have a good plan. Sometimes, doing things that add to the positive nature of a date are little things gained by good planning. For example, avoiding a local eatery or other establishment in which friends or others you now may show up would be a good plan. Who wants to be photographed with their new date and the events posted on Facebook or, worse, on living video on Instagram? A first date should not turn into an unwanted social media event!

A better strategy is to just go somewhere you are familiar with, but one that is a little bit off the proverbial beaten path. Familiarity helps with a first date because it reduces nervousness. (No matter where you go, be positive -- don’t complain about the food being surprisingly bad this time!) Another good idea would be to look up any date destinations in Google. Learn about what to expect and read up on the reviews. Doing so always for having a better plan. Devise a backup plan just in case as well.

Anyone who is still really concerned about an idea to come up with should look over the DateHub crew’s reviews of top date venues. The mentions are not paid promos either. These are venues the crew really does like.

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