Love Languages and Your Relationship

Is there such thing as love languages? Most importantly, can they impact your relationship?

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are 5 love languages, and they can be used to make your partner feel loved. The goal is to make this person feel as if they are your only love interest. Learn which love language your partner favors and speak this language.

On the flip side, your partner can learn your favorite love language as well. This will make you closer. Which of the following 5 love languages appeal to you the most?


If you like this language, your partner has to tell you sweet praises and show gratitude. You like compliments that show they you are loved and cherished. You love the things that your partner says more than what they do.


If you like this language, your partner has to take action to make you feel special. For instance, you like it when they pay the bills, run errands for you, fix broken objects around the house or take care of the kids while you get some rest. You feel special when the other person acts.

Physical Touch

If you like this language, you need the sense of touch in order to feel special. You like it when they kiss and hug you. You feel special when they cuddle you at night or sit close to you on the sofa during the day. Sweet physical gestures make you feel loved and cherished.

Quality Time

This is your language if your partner has to spend quality time with you. For example, you like date nights, last minute getaways, weekend brunches and holiday outings. You feel appreciated when your partner spends time with you. You like it even more when he gives you his undivided attention during these special outings.


You love receiving all types of gifts. When your partner brings a gift, this makes you feel loved and cherished. It doesn’t matter how large or expensive the gift may be. It is the thought that counts. You could receive a Gucci bag, Hawaii vacation or just a bagel from the corner bakery. You love that your partner thinks enough of you to bring a gift.

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