Are we actually dating?

You met someone interesting online. You’ve talked to this person numerous times over the phone and written plenty of emails as well. So far, you’ve had plenty of fun together and the sexual chemistry is exhilarating. You can’t wait to get closer because you think about this person every day. But what is your relationship status? Are you a couple?

If you’ve had other relationships, you know that in this stage of the game, things are confusing. Are you “just dating?” Or is this person your girlfriend or boyfriend?

If this transitional period is too confusing for you, the following are five ways to tell if you’re actually in a relationship:

Neither of You Are Dating Other People

If both of you aren’t dating anyone else, then you’re probably in an exclusive relationship. This is not as complicated as you thought. This is the only person that you want to spend every waking moment with. There is no other love interest in your life, and this person is now a top priority.

Neither of You Are Having Sex with Other People

You are faithful to each other sexually. This means that the relationship has most definitely advanced to the next level. You’ve committed to this relationship, which means that it’s different from others.

You Introduce this Special Person to Your Family and Friends

Once you meet each other’s friends and family, this is an exclusive relationship. These are the people that the two of you trust and love the most. They are a part of your support system, and they have seen you during your worst and best times. This is a huge indicator that you want your new love interest person to become a part of your world. The relationship is serious.

You’re Planning a Future Together

You are excited about planning a future with this new person. It seems natural to plan dates and commit to a future with one another. There are plenty of things that you look forward to doing with one another. You want to make a long term commitment.

You Trust This New Partner

Not only do you feel comfortable around this person, but you also trust them. This is a huge sign that you’ve moved to the next level. It’s easy to tell them your dreams and secrets. You aren’t afraid to show them your best and worst characteristics. You know that you can talk to this person and that they will love and not judge you.

All in all, if you’ve experienced these things in your relationship, you’ve moved to the next level. Consider yourself to be girlfriend and boyfriend. If you are still confused about your relationship status, then ask your love interest to confirm your status.

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