Going from friends to lovers – is there a way to make a successful transition?

Making the Transition from Friends to Lovers

Is there a successful way to transition from friends to lovers? The day will come when two people must decide if it’s time to take their relationship to the next level. Are we just friends, or should we become lovers? For some people, this isn’t a hard question to answer, and the transition will be a smooth one. But for other couples, this is something that both parties must seriously think about.

If you are in the latter situation, the transition from friends to lovers doesn’t have to be a bumpy one. The trick is to understand how you both feel about each other. Is it easy to be around one another? If this is the case, then consider taking your relationship to the next level. But if you don’t feel good about the whole situation, then maybe it is best to remain in the friend zone until things improve.

Is There Passion?

Are both of you passionate about the other? Before the relationship progresses, there has to be fire, lust, passion, attraction and just plain ole sexual chemistry between the two of you. If these things are not present, the relationship will only get weird and awkward if you become intimate with one another. Unfortunately, this could make the relationship go nowhere really fast.

Do you Constantly Think About the Other Person?

How do you act around this other person? Do you think about the other person all of the time? Do you dream about spending every waking moment with this person? Do you want to travel and experience new things together? If your relationship isn’t at this point yet, then just remain friends.

Do You Act Like a Committed Couple?

Let your actions guide you. If you truly want to be intimate with this person, it’s the little things that will make you feel closer. For example, have you met each other’s family and friends. Do you spend most of your time together? When you aren’t around each other physically, do you find other ways to stay in constant contact? If you aren’t doing these types of things together, then consider remaining in the friend zone.

All in all, don’t complicate things. Think about these three things and determine if you’re going to take the next step in your relationship. However, make sure that the other person wants the same thing that you do. If you’re both ready, take action and be happy.

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