Dealing with Mismatched Relationship Objectives

When relationship goals are different. Are you doomed from the start?

Finding that right person to start a relationship with is not always a happy-ever-after deal. If your expectations in being a couple are dramatically different than that of your partner, things could go south very quickly.

These expectations have nothing to do with the type of cuisine you prefer or whether or not you like football, but what a relationship means to both parties. For example, you may be looking toward marriage, kids and a white picket fence, while the love of your life wants to stay single with less commitment.

Being mismatched in what is expected as a couple can lead to mistrust and misery. Your thought process has to be on the same page in order for a healthy relationship to succeed. While honesty is important, can you live with the fact that your partner wants an open relationship and you are totally against cheating? On the other hand, sharing can be a problem if you want a dual checking account and your partner wants everything kept separate.

Having different points of view on the really big stuff needs to be addressed right away. A relationship can work only if there is compromise on huge mismatched issues. You will not be able to change your partner from eating healthy, as you do. You will not be able to open their eyes to a spiritual existence if they do not see life in this way.

However, addressing these issues from the start can lead to compromise, or the fact that both of you are unwilling to compromise. The big expectations have to be looked at closely when moving forward in any type of relationship that is becoming serious. If they do not exist, it is best to suck it up and move on. Some things are just not meant to be.

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