10 Essential Tips for Flirting

A lot of people tend to think that flirting is a natural ability. If you are a natural flirter it means that you can get into flirting whenever you want to and make yourself attractive to anyone around you.

You will make best use of your appearance, eye contact, your body language, your ability to banter and your sense of humor - you have it all. It means that for you dating is something that is always both exciting and enjoyable.

Not everyone is quite so lucky. To them flirting just doesn’t come naturally. They feel cumbersome and off-balance. It’s something that usually ends up with them feeling a lack of confidence and being pessimistic about what lies in store.

If this applies to you, the following essential flirting tips that we are about to give you will be worth their weight in gold.

Establishing eye to eye contact

The first thing you must do when flirting is to establish eye to eye contact. By doing this you can grab your target's attention and showed him or her that you’re interested in them.

Don’t be too intense though, otherwise you could scare them away. All you’re trying to do is to let the other person undertsand you’re keen to get to know them.

When the introductions are over and you’re into banter-mode, don’t forget to maintain eye contact to let them know that (a) you’re interested, and (b) you’re enjoying yourself.

Wear a smile

Smiling at someone indicates that you’re having a good time. It’s an essential part of the chemistry mixture you’re trying to make, and it’s informs your potential date that you’re enjoying their company. It’s a way of defusing any nervousness and creating a more relaxed atmosphere

Be inquisitive

Most people tend to like to talk about themselves. Rather than you hogging all the limelight, ask the other person a few questions to encourage them to be a part of the conversation. This also lets them know that you are interested in finding out more about them


Listening is one of the key skills. It is often underrated but can have a significant impact on the person you’re trying to chat-up. Give your target your whole attention. Don’t start looking at your mobile or casting glances around the room for other potential targets. Listening to what the other person is saying makes them feel that what they’re saying is worthwhile and that you are taking it in.

Have a laugh

Showing- off your sense of humor is key to successful flirting. You don’t need to pretend to be a stand-up comedian; but showing the other person that you have a fun-side will help them to warm to you.

Don’t be too much of a chatterbox

Don’t fall into the trap of making the conversation all about you. Yes, it’s important to let them know a few basic details about yourself, but remember that you want to involve them in your conversation too. Give them enough room to wade into the chat, and allow them to shine a little of the limelight onto themselves.

Giving out compliments

Compliments are always well received. However you mustn’t go over the top otherwise you could seem to be too condescending and perhaps even a little creepy. Giving someone a little praise here and there, to make them feel attractive and valued, will show the other person that you’re interested in him/her.

Don’t use crummy phrases

Using old crummy, out-of-date phrases is a no-no. It will make you look as if you’re a serial flirt who couldn’t be bothered to make a serious effort. It can even make you look as if you’re desperate. When you are flirting it’s important to let the other person feel that they’re getting to know the real you.

Don’t invade their personal space

Don’t get over-anxious and start invading the other person’s private space. Give them plenty of room to breathe. It will help them to relax. Don’t try and be too earnest and avoid being too touchy-feely. The other person will respond if they feel that they are in safe situation with someone they want to get to know better. Getting too much into somebody’s face is simply the wrong thing to do.

Manage your body language

Body language is important, even on a subconscious level. You don’t want to present a closed front, so avoid having your arms crossed. Stand with an open and relaxed stance. Stand proud and confident without appearing arrogant.

Flirting is not rocket science. It's all about personal interaction and the tips given above will help you to develop your flirting technique in a wholly natural way.

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