Benching – the new dating trend you need to know

It’s very frustrating when your love interest leads you on. He or she shows interest, but never have any intentions of making a commitment.
No one likes to be kept on the hook or strung along, and the latest term to describe this type of behavior is called “Benching.”

The term originates from a baseball term which means to keep reserve players on the bench. The players wait to play in the game. They are always on call, but they may never actually play in the game.

So, how can you tell if someone has “benched” you? Or maybe you’re the one benching someone because you’re waiting for better dating prospects.

Beta Male was the first to coin this term. However, the action of benching has been happening for many years. Now, there is another term to describe it. Here’s how you can tell if someone is benching you:

You don’t go on many dates.
Sometimes there aren’t any dates at all. Of course, they plan a date, but cancel at the last minute. In addition, they say that you’ll get together soon, but nothing never happens.

There’s not that much communication.
They don’t make an attempt to stay in contact with you. Many times you think that you’ll never hear from them again.

You aren’t really a couple.
Basically, you don’t know how to describe your relationship. They’re seeing other people, and you may not hear from them for weeks or months at a time. If the relationship isn’t progressing to the next level, you are probably on the bench.

You think that things are all over, and they come back into your life again.
Contact is finally made again, but there are no commitments. They resurface just long enough to keep you interested. Sometimes they’ll try to put a spin on things and make you think that you’re the reason the relationship isn’t going anywhere. How many times have you heard “Why haven’t you called me?”

Now remember, if you’re being benched you can change things. It’s not something that’ll happen forever. You have the power to get out of the relationship and move on. If you continue to put up with this nonsense, you’re enabling your frustration.

Basically, you care more about this relationship than the other person. Once you come to your senses, you’ll be able to tell if there is any real hope for the relationship. This also applies to the person who is doing the benching. Is there a chance for a relationship in the future?

When it comes to dating, everyone should be kind to one another. Treat people with respect. Treat others and yourself the way that you want to be treated. It is as simple as that. Benching shouldn’t be a part of dating etiquette.

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