Dating Romance

Dating Romance

Think you are hopeless in love? No, you're probably a hopeless romantic, and probably not that hopeless, either. Many people who think that the way romance is portrayed in old movies and on television is the way their lives should be are romantics, and not entirely hopeless.
In today's fast moving society, everything romantic has seemed to take a backseat to the pace. Even real world dating has moved into the fast paced arena with speed dating. However, there are some dating romance tips for the hopeless romantic in a seemingly unromantic world.

First of all, you are not alone. Plenty of people out there long for the days when dating was romantic and more along the lines of what we now refer to as "courting." There are more people than you think that wonder why the romance has gone out of dating. That the mystery and fun and disappeared. It hasn't. It is just that, well, we all think it has. Dating romance can't disappear if people bring it back.

Ask for the romance in your life. Dating romance may not just magically appear. And for the die hard romantics, this may be the most difficult step. Most dating romantics don't believe that they have to ask for anything, because it is not romantic to have to ask, but that is not true. Make the first romantic gesture. If you are a woman, stand next to your chair for the man to pull it out. Pay for the guitar to play a song at your table. Bring flowers on the date. It may sound horribly cheesy, but you will definitely gauge the Dating Romance potential in your date if you start the romance.

Discuss it with other people. If you are romantically challenged, then talk to people about how to bring dating romance into your relationship. There are millions of ideas out there. Romance comes from the heart. It comes from a desire to have a smile that doesn't leave your face for days after the date. Ask people how they have been romantic. Candlelit dinners? A note in a lunch? A quick message during the workday?

The other key to romantic dating is to not overdose. Don't always try to be romantic. It just loses the allure. A quick message during the workday does not mean calling every hour. You don't have to have a candlelit dinner on every date. You don't always have to send flowers. Keep it simple. Trying too hard to create dating romance is not a good thing, in fact it is often the least romantic thing you could do. Moderation is much more romantic.

Dating rules have also put a damper on romance. There is no structure to genuine romance. There are no steps you have to follow. There are no rules that will navigate you successfully through every date. No matter how many books or guides you read telling you when to call for a date, when to call after a date, when it is okay to bring flowers, etc., they all are guesses, and they are giving mechanical advice. If you want to have dating romance, go ahead. If your date doesn't like it, then they either aren't the person for you, or they are ashamed about what they really want, which means they aren't the person for you.

Letting other things and other people tell you how dating has to be has driven romance out of dating for so long. Romantic dating isn't dead, it is just, well, hidden. We have learned to be on the move so much that we often forget to take the moment to think about our date. Put yourself in the other person's shoes for that moment and think about how to make them feel special. Taking that breath, stopping the rush of the world to think of someone else - that is the most romantic thing of all.

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