Your Quick Guide on how to make Date Winning Conversations

Knowing how to break the ice in a way that sets up the situation for starting a new dating experience is a handy skill to have. Here are some top tips that will enable you start a new conversation with someone you don’t know.

Top tip #1 – Give your target the opportunity to talk about themselves

The prime rule to bear in mind when trying to start up a new conversation, is that most people love talking about themselves. To encourage them to do so, you need to think about what questions to ask him/her to get then started.

This not only breaks the ice, but does it in a way that lets your target know that you’re curious about him/her. This will also stimulate their interest in you.

Top tip #2 – Be a good listener

A good conversation is not just all about talking. It’s about listening too. Taking the above tip, if you do give your target the opportunity to talk about themselves, you need to be prepared to listen to what they have to say. To not do so would be rude.

Not only that; if you don’t listen to what is being said, you will miss some golden opportunities to not only get to know them, but to find out about what they like doing and get some great date ideas.

Hopefully, this will be a two-way process, so it’s a superb way of getting to know each other and laying the foundations for a relationship.

Top tip #3 – Refrain from interrupting

It’s easy to get carried away when you hear your target say something you agree with or that excites you, and leap right into conversation stopping him/her in full flow. Don’t do it! Exercise a little patience and wait until they’ve finished talking before you wade in. This is not only polite, but it makes for longer, deeper conversations too.

Top tip #4 - Make eye-to-eye contact

It’s easier to talk (and listen) when both conversationalists make eye-to-eye contact. It’s the best way of indicating that you are interested in your date and it means that the words spoken are more likely to hit home and be properly understood.

Looking away, or only casing fleeting glances, makes you appear to be only partially interested and can even make you seem sneaky. Making sustained eye contact on the other hand makes both partners feel more involved and even special.

Top tip #5 – Ditch your mobile phone

There is nothing more annoying or demeaning than your date ignoring you by answering his or her mobile phone. You should at least put your phone into silent mode, or even better, switch it off completely. Always give your date your 100% attention.

Top tip #6 – Don’t share too much

Sharing personal information, likes and dislikes, is important; but it’s also important to know how far to go. Never, ever talk about past dating disasters, and avoid talking about anything negative – especially in terms of emotions. If you don’t, you might come across as being too needy and intense, and this can easily put your date off.

Knowing how to make winning conversation isn’t rocket science, and if you follow the tips offered above, you won’t go wrong.

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