5 Steps to take in Conquering Nervous First Dates

Just like an entertainer taking the stage, it doesn't matter if it is the first performance or the 500th, a case of the jitters is bound to happen on a new first date. Your heart rate increases, anxiety sets in and you find yourself checking and rechecking your looks.

Take a deep breath, think positive and follow these suggestions to help make your date more enjoyable.

1. Check out the location. In addition to having the unexpected happen with a new date, being unfamiliar with your surroundings can double the onset of nervousness. Visit the club or restaurant, notice what type of attire customers are wearing and what type of atmosphere is displayed. Look at a menu so there are no surprises and how large the crowd is. Being familiar with a place can help to prepare for conversation.

2. What should I wear? Put extra time into selecting the right apparel. After all, this just could be the one. You want to feel confident and ready for anything. Comfort is also important. You don't want to worry about reworking your clothes when trying to concentrate on conversation. This will also help you to calm down those jitters by trying out different accessories, working on a hair style and practicing that award-winning smile.

3. Write down those questions that are in your mind now. How many times have you wished that you had inquired about interests or expanded on thoughts in common to both of you? Depending on how the first impression goes, you may even forget your name. Keep a few questions hidden away to break the ice or to plunge into more intriguing conversation. Try to sound matter-of-face and not robotic if these are used.

4. Get a little help from your friends. If there is one thing that close friends are, it is honest. If you think that an outfit screams 'take me', ask a friend. It could be your insecurity or it may be too much for a first date. They can help you decide with complete level-headedness.

5. Don't expect too much. This is just a date, not a marriage proposal. If your date appears less than interested in you, don't take it personally. You may also feel the same way. Not everyone finds the perfect match on a first date, as you have discovered. You are feeling good, you have okay company and there is no reason to try and have some fun.

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