The 10 Conversations Stoppers you Must Never Use on a Date

Those uncomfortable moments when your date asks a question that belongs in the gutter, can make you start looking for the nearest exit. Make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake.

Here are 10 examples of how to guarantee that you will never be seeing your date again.

1. “My ex used to tell me that all the time.”
No one, especially a potential mate, wants to hear about your old baggage. It makes you appear as a failure in relationships.

2. “I had sex with this one girl/guy and wow!”
This is a certain red-faced moment to learn about the way-too-personal life of someone you have just met, not to mention a little creepy.

3. “How much money does someone in your profession make?”
What? This is almost as personal as sex. You are not interviewing them for a job and you will come off as being money hungry.

4. “I’m really bad at new relationships.”
Your date will either think that you see the date as a big mistake or that there is something seriously wrong with you that you cannot hold on to a mate.

5. “I have this problem with flying off the handle.”
Ummm, I think I will just quietly leave now, but don’t get upset. I will be back in touch, really, I promise. Just don’t get mad.

6. “Has anyone ever told you that you would look really awesome if you shed a few pounds?”
Never, ever mention weight. Talk about a date killer. Your date will never get past this type of insecurity.

7. “Can I meet your family over the holiday?”
Family is for serious relationships. Being clingy will surely chase them off.

8. “Kids drive me crazy.”
Once this is said, there is no turning back. Everyone loves kids and everyone has kids.

9. “How do people have just one drink?”
Oh no. You just introduced yourself as a real slosh when it comes to alcohol. Your date sees someone that blackouts frequently and has to be carried home.

10. “I live for gaming on the weekends.”
Really? You are how old? You are screaming immaturity with no real desire in living in a grown-up world.

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