Top tips to ensure your date goes well

If you’re new to dating, or you’ve got a bad track record, here are a few top tips that will help to ensure that future dates go more smoothly.

Be punctual

Hopefully your date won’t turn out to be as embarrassing as what transpired at the Oscar ceremony this year. But talking about embarrassment, there is no easier way of letting yourself down, than by disrespecting someone else’s time. In terms of dating, being on time for that all important first date (and any subsequent dates too) is key.

Disregard your mobile phone

Everywhere you look today, you’ll always see lots of people scanning or talking into their mobiles. The fact of the matter is though, that there is no greater turn-off than your date having to play second fiddle to your mobile.

So, don’t turn your date off – turn your mobile off, or at least put into silent mode. If you do have to have your mobile on at all times for an important reason, do your date the courtesy of letting him/her know in advance. That will score you points.

The eyes say it all

There is nothing less off-putting than being ignored. The eyes say it all; indeed it has been said that they eyes are the windows into your soul. Making eye to eye contact with your date is not just a courtesy – it’s a sure-fire way of letting him/her know that you are interested. There is nothing more enticing than having someone stare into your eyes with rapt intention.

Be inquisitive

Being inquisitive about your date lets him or her know that you are interested. You don’t need to know your date’s life history from the outset, but finding out the basics, such as what they do work-wise, what sort of music they like, and what are their pet likes and dislikes are is important.

It’s not only essential from your own point of view, to get to know whether your date could be the one for you, but it will also give you information about what to do on future dates, if things go well.

Don’t allow preconceived notions to get in the way

We all have things we like and things we don’t. But if you go to an event on your date that you didn’t like last time you tried it, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be rubbish this time round too. You may find it was your date that wasn’t right last time, and this time, if your date partner is a better match, you’ll really enjoy his or company, and therefore the date too. Give it a chance. Keep an open mind.

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