What if You're Not His Type?

You know the guy I'm talking about... the athlete who always dates the blondest, bluest-eyed girl in school. You knew that you never had a chance with him because he'd never look at a brunette, particularly not if she had braces and was always carrying an armful of books.

I've got good news. You don't HAVE to compare yourself to anyone he's dated before. Dating a "type" is like getting into a rut... you get in one and you can't seem to get out again. But that doesn't mean that ruts are desirable.

Every guy I know is willing and open to having an adventurous experience of the flirtatious kind. Yeah, maybe one guy usually dates businesswomen, and another guy tends to date girls who are into the outdoors, but that doesn't mean that these guys are completely closed off to any other kind of woman. As I've said before, guys like ALL women. I know guys who actively try to date someone UNLIKE all those chicks they've dated before, because the girls in the past didn't work out.

If you're into that hot guy at the local coffee shop who keeps flipping back his long black hair and has those enormous dark eyes you could drown in but always dates goth girls with funky eye makeup, you need to try these suggestions.

1. Learn about what he's into.

Usually, guys have "types" of girls that they date because those girls share their interests. For example, a creative guy who is into Japanese animation may really only click with alternative girls who like reading science fiction. A guy who plays in a local band and wants to break into songwriting may not click at all with a girl who's tone deaf and couldn't care less about the difference between one band and the next. In this case, we're talking about basic compatibility issues, not type.

That being said, there is nothing to stop you from becoming one of those girls who can listen to him talk on and on about bands or video games or dinosaur bones - and even put your own two cents in. If you are interested in a guy, you should take the time to learn more about the ideas that his world revolves around. He may even find that he really likes the role of teacher... and that you make the perfect audience of one.

2. Be confident in your own uniqueness.

The fact that you're unlike the type of girl he's usually into can work in your favour because it makes you intriguing and unpredictable. Whatever you do, DON'T change yourself to fit his type. He will notice the change and figure out why you did it once you start making it known that you like him. Then you'll be stuck with a change you can't undo AND you'll feel like a fool.

Guys are attracted to confident, interesting girls... whether they match their "type" or not. Chances are, you could have dated that athlete back in high school if you'd been amazingly confident in your own sexiness and confident in your own uniqueness. Often, women are afraid of playing up their strengths around men whose type doesn't match theirs. Let me tell you right now: you don't have to "live up" to ANY guy's standards. He should break those standards the moment he meets you... and reshape them to your example.

3. Get noticed.

When a guy has a type, he'll notice girls who match that type, but he may need a special reason to notice a girl that doesn't fit it. If your winning smile, sexy confidence, and positive vibes don't catch his attention, you may have to elicit more drastic measures. One great technique is making friends with one of his friends so that he will introduce you.

4. If he's not into you... move on!

All this being said, there is a chance that even after you prove how sexy, interesting, and desirable you are, he just doesn't feel sexually attracted to you. Guess what you do next? Move on! It's so easy to drown in infatuation for someone, but if they're not into you enough to ask you out, they're not into you enough to give you the relationship you deserve.

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