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You've been asking for it, so here it is. Many people have been asking what real advantages online dating has over dating in the "real" world. Well, let me tell you: quite a few! To start with let me just make one thing clear. Online dating IS the real world.

Only time will tell if you stand any real chance with dating online. But statistically (oh I know we all hate maths!) your chances of finding your perfect match and building life-changing relationships are actually extremely good. Better, in fact, than in the real world. Time and time again people are building good strong relationships online. And that's the real point here - strength!

How many of us have been with someone who we really think may be perfect and that it should last forever? Plenty I bet! Obviously more often than not, this doesn't work out. After the first few weeks together this ideal may be dispelled, as we begin to learn more about our "other halves" and find areas of incompatibility.

So what can online dating do to dispel these areas of inadequacy, that we all face, for once and (hopefully) for good? Well, there's one major difference between finding a date online to offline and that's research. I know it sounds like we're getting technical again, but that really is the clear distinguishing difference.

When you approach someone in a bar or even on the street, you start by knowing nothing about him or her - apart from their physical appearance. Of course, this is important, perhaps more so if you're a male! Where we can all prosper online is from the fact that all the good online dating services aim to fill you in about anyone you're interested in by reading their profile. This often includes pictures, the person's interests, maybe a video message and in some cases even their salary! This might leave you thinking that it takes away the fun. To an extent, maybe. But then again it will obviously save you from wasting your time pursuing someone you have absolutely nothing in common with.

So where does the fun and excitement come from? Most people that have tried online dating with any of the good online dating services will tell you that it comes from getting to know the other person on a deeper level, straight away. No time wasted. Straight down to business. It also immediately provides you with common ground when you meet for the first time. The first meeting is always exciting no matter how well you think you know the other person from your online encounters. There will always be surprises.

The second way in which online dating services excel is that you are immediately dealing with literally millions of potential matches. The Internet is vast! There will be loads even in your own home town. With all those people looking to form new great relationships you WILL come across some great new friends, at the very least.

So to sum up... if you're not sure about online dating, now is the time to give it a go. You have absolutely nothing to lose, apart from a few dollars for the sign up fee of a reputable online dating service! Considering what you could gain, it's absolutely nothing. Get stuck in and, go for it!

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