I’m not Getting any Dates – What am I doing wrong?

Deciding to try online dating can be a huge step. The entire world is going to have access to your profile and know that you are looking for a mate. The next obstacle can be not getting any response. This can be a tremendous blow to an ego. Am I doing something wrong?
Before deciding that there is something wrong with you, stop and look at how you can approach this situation differently.

Here are 5 tips for creating more interest for online dating.

1) Keep photos up-to-date
Yes, photos do matter. Photos attract more attention (eleven times more) than profiles that lack a picture according to RSVP Date of the Nation. If you have an angle that you look better in than a front shot, by all means, use it.

2) Write your profile over again
No one wants to hear about generalized stuff. ‘I like cooking, taking walks, etc.” Get specific and show a sense of humor. Look at other profiles and see what is appealing to you. Chances are, they are also appealing to others. Do away with tasteless handles like ‘loveanimal13’ and use very few adjectives that can be boring.

3) You don’t have to stay with one site
Perhaps the dating site that you are on does not adequately serve your needs. If you’re not a professional, don’t sign up on a site geared toward professionals. Also, check out the different types of offers that different websites have.

4) Ask friends to rate you
Show your online profile to close friends and ask for their honest advice. If there is something really unappealing about the way your words read or how you are portrayed, a good friend will tell you. Sometimes it takes a second opinion to spot the obvious faults.

5) Be open to adventure
You cannot expect Mr. Right to come along by picking apart every single that you see online. Just because someone has a few different interests than you, does not mean that there is no one out there for you. Broaden your perspective and get out of your comfort zone.

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