Internet Dating - Why Bother?

You've heard the stories.

Some of you may have experienced it yourself. Internet dating has had a bad rap due to sugar-coating. People tend to omit or alter some undesirable information about them in order to generate more “hits” and attract more possible mates.
Consider the case of “William”. He's 48 years old, 5'3”, and weighs 285lbs, with an annual income that's not even enough to help him move out of his parents' house. Would he voluntarily provide all this honest information? Most definitely not! Good luck finding a mate in a million years!

Internet dating shouldn't work this way. When you advertise yourself, you tend to put your best foot forward. In most cases, after filling in the form, you won't even recognise who you are because you've altered so much information about yourself to make yourself seem more desirable. To top it all, you might not even post your picture. You might post someone else's picture just to boost your chances.

The sad thing about this is you're not alone. Most of the other applicants have done the same thing too. So, “Samantha, 24yrs, blonde, good looking, highly intelligent” may very well be “Ruth, 42yrs, freakishly fat, with an IQ equivalent to that of a fish egg”. Sounds funny? Well it won't be once you're at the receiving end.

So now you ask yourself, “If Internet dating is prone to cheating and information manipulation, then why bother?” Well, because it actually works if people can just be honest. There has been a lot of good feedback from those who've been honest enough to lay their cards on the table. Some were able to find love. Others were able to make long-lasting friendships. And in some cases, some were able to meet their partner through the friends they made via Internet dating.

The possibilities are endless if you are willing to show the world your true self. Just because you can access this service at home in front of your computer doesn't mean you should change reality into virtual reality. You would just be keeping yourself from enjoying the benefits of such a good service.

Internet dating does work because there are still a lot of good, honest people out there who are not afraid to be open. Hopefully you are one of those people. If not, then it's never too late to change. Don't deprive yourself of the possibilities that Internet dating has to offer you.

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