Tips for the fashion-challenged

Tips for the fashion-challenged:

1. If in doubt, ask a good friend.

2. Just because something comes in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it. At least not for the general public! For example, because my gluteus maximus is becoming maximum, I reserve spandex gear for the health club, and not general strolling activities. Though sometimes a big shirt with a long tail will work wonders in terms of concealing.

3. Remember that full-length mirrors were made for a reason. Use them.

4. Unless you’re in a professional uniform, you shouldn’t look like one of the “Village People". Remember “Y.M.C.A."?

5. Ladies should leave something to the imagination. Sleazy is not the same as sexy.

6. Men should be mindful that dirty nails and dirty collars are a no-no.

7. Fake hair and nails should at least look natural. Invest wisely.

8. Cleanliness can compensate for a lot of flaws.

9. When dressing to impress, always emphasise your positive traits and detract from the negative. And everybody has positives.

10. Have a consultant work with you on your colour chart or 'season'.

11. One or two rings per hand is a good way to accessorise with jewellery.

12. Keep a mental note of the styles that you wear that receive the most compliments and repeat these looks regularly.

13. Change it up every now and then. Men like visual variety.

14. In the words of Vivica Fox: “Do you!” Don’t have a cookie-cutter image.

15. Men, know that if your earrings are bigger than your girlfriend’s, it might compromise an otherwise masculine image.

Did you know that the way you dress determines how others view you? Studies show that people make judgments on your educational level, income, background and occupation based upon your wardrobe choices. What will yours say about you? And is it what you’d like to convey?

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