A New Year - A New You

12 Must Keep Resolutions!

It's that time again.

Each January ushers in a new year and a new opportunity to shift gears, grow, and to right the wrongs of the past. Are you up for the challenge?
Perhaps last year you didn’t meet your dieting goals. Or maybe you fell short in a few financial areas.

Don’t panic

Whatever the case, you can still make this year great!

Here are a few “life enhancement” strategies that will move you forward and have you feeling fabulous!


1. Seek Work You Enjoy
Most of us spend more time at work than at any other pursuit. With this being the case, your work should be something about which you are passionate - something that gives you a great deal of pleasure and a sense of purpose. It is one of the single most important things that you can do to improve your quality of life. And I should know. I spent many, many years toiling on jobs that took their psychological and physical toll. Later in life, I discovered that writing and teaching give me such joy, that now I am doing those I feel better, have more peace, and am much more prosperous!

2. Make Love a Priority
Studies show that loving relationships are good for our emotional and physical well-being. To quote a famous expression: “Man can not live by bread alone.” What are you waiting for?

3. Save For That Proverbial “Rainy Day”
In today’s economy, an emergency fund is a must! Unemployment is a reality, petrol prices are rocketing, and the cost of living continues to increase. Having a little “cushion” can help to soften the periodic blows.

Unclutter your living quarters, cut back on some of your volunteer activities, become more organized. Learn to work smarter, not harder!

5. Try Something Different
Have the guts to get out of your rut! “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.”

6. Make Your Home Your Sanctuary
Is your home your castle? It should be. Home is the one place that allows us to seek refuge from the world and truly be ourselves. Make your surroundings a celebration of who you are and your unique qualities and quirks. Choose colors that speak to your personality. Display pictures of happy times and treasured people.

7. Guard Your Health
Take time to unwind and de-stress. Eat sensibly (at least as much as possible). Drink more water. Become more active. See your doctor for routine check ups, and when your body speaks… listen!

8. Choose Your Friends Wisely
Friends can add such joy to our existence. They are our sounding boards, support system, and our extended family. Good ones are like gold. False ones can wreak havoc and mental anguish. Never underestimate the importance of the selection process.

9. Govern Your Thoughts
Motivational gurus and behavioral experts contend that what we think we become. The Bible confirms it - “As a man thinketh, so it is.” Keep positive thoughts in order to be more progressive!

10. Pray
There is power in prayer. Whether it is done daily in the quiet confines of your heart, on your knees, or at a Sunday service - give glory, ask for guidance, and say thanks.

11. Lose the Excess Emotional Baggage
Carrying a “chip” can ruin your emotional posture.

12. Accept Yourself
Don’t be obsessed with perfection. Instead, strive for excellence! Whether you’re a few pounds over weight, not as far along in life as you wish to be, or struggle with esteem issues, know this: there’s only one you. And the way you view yourself will greatly influence the way others see you and treat you. So love yourself first, forgive mistakes of the past, and embrace the future with confidence!

Wishing you bountiful blessings in this new year!

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