10 Things NOT to say on a First Date

Top 10 Things Not to Say on a First Date:

1. "I've watched this movie with my ex."

2. "My ex and I used to come here all the time."

3. On the phone (if you are a man): "I'll be home by 10 mum"

4. "Can I have a doggy bag to take with me?" (when you are in a restaurant)

5. "My dad/mum wants me to be home by nine."

6. "Come and meet my parents."

7. "I have never felt better since taking Prozac."

8. "I have had 10 lovers; how many have you had?"

9. "I only split with my boyfriend/girlfriend last week."

10. "Do you mind getting the bill? I am broke" (if you are a man).

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